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Lamiertek S.r.l. was established joining the experience to the passion for the job of its founding partners. The company deals with steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper processing. Lamiertek’s company mission aims to meet customer’s needs, by offering a high quality and valuable product. Since its establishment Lamiertek pursues the search for technical and innovative solutions to offer the customer advantages and competitiveness.

Lamiertek is a versatile structure in the processing of different materials: the thickness of the processing materials goes from 0.6 mm to 20 mm and the maximum length reaches 4000 mm. The attention during the processing phases goes alongside a sustainable production, hence Lamiertek is engaged in the production of part of the electricity during transformation processes. Since 2009 Lamiertek employs for the energy production a plant of 150 Kw aiming to guarantee a remarkable reduction of the environmental impact.

The company has factories which develop in three production sites covering a total surface of 8,000 square meters where skilled operators are involved in different processing and working phases:

  1. Cutting, bending, deformation, burr removal, ferrous materials assembly;
  2. Tube cutting, finishings bending and assembling on stainless steel and aluminium materials;
  3. Cutting, paneling and assembling.

Soci Lamiertek


Lamiertek S.r.l. was established in 1985 by two founding partners that aimed at arrange a targeted and customize relationship with its customers to provide them precise solutions based on their requests and needs. One of the main distinctive features of the company is the will to change the system involved in the subcontracting of sheet metal parts and assembling carpentry, by using high technology machines.

In 1986 Lamiertek acquired the first CNC Amada turret punch press and in 1989 the first CO2 laser cutting machine. The progressive technological upgrading is a precise choice that leads the company in the building of its experience in the field of metal sheet transformation and processing. For more than 20 years now Lamiertek succeeds in establishing with its customers a deep relationship based on mutual trust and transparency, introducing itself both as service industry and consultant.



Lamiertek is committed to maintaining the highest quality standard, pursuing environment safeguard, in regard to workers' safety and health. Lamiertek obtained IQNet ISO 9001:2008 certification and ICIM mark representing the organisation and management system for the quality in the field of metal sheet processing, production and assembling of light carpentry on customer's design. Lamiertek keeps inside its structure a constant and progressive technological upgrade: company's purpose is the search for innovative solutions and suggest them to its customer as an advantage in terms of product and processing.


Lamiertek shares the values of experience and know how and trasmit them to each of its collaborators suggesting personalised and customized solutions. Customer’s needs are analysed together with the skilled team of technical office that aims at providing support in the development of precise projects’ design. Professionalism and the compliance of customer’s requirements have always been Lamiertek’s targets, together with the optimization of production times and the containment of production costs.

Such a productive potentiality, enable us to meet each of your requests.
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